23rd September, 2008
Tarumi-Ward Animal Fans Festival eLetfs Enjoy the Fun of Life with Animalsf.
Work related to the operation of Animal Loving Festival

  May, August, October, 2006
Conducted a Survey eAbout Ooji Zoof
(Cooperation by Ooji Zoo)

  1st September, 2005`28th February, 2006
Project commissioned by Kobe Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals Kobe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 50th
Anniversary Commemorative Project 10th Anniversary of Great Earthquake Animal Rescue Commemorative Presentation Ceremony @
Special Lecture Meeting Speaker: Mr. Makoto SIINA (Author)
Photograph Competition, Theme eBe Kind to Animalse

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  23rd August, 2005`31st March, 2006
Commissioned by Misato-cho, Ohchi-gun, Shimane
Prefecture eDeveloping Dog Snacks that Use Meat from Wild Boref

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  December 2004`April 2005
Work entrusted by The Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo Conducted research on eUnified measures against wild bird and animal-caused damage in the context of the current situation facing agricultural and mountain villagesf
@|Consideration of using dogs as a countermeasure against wild animals.
@|Use of dogs

  August`December 2003
Higashinada-ku- A town-making project expanding Higashinada-kufs characteristics.
Commissioned to conduct survey research using eQuestionnaires about pet-keeping in collective housing

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