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Ongoing Project
April 2007 `
Started support system for collective housings that allow pets
Support system for managing companies of pet allowed collective housings

  Ongoing Project
April 2007 `
Started support project for effective use of captured animals.

  Ongoing Project
June 2006`
Counseling and seminars on companion dogs

  Ongoing Project
June 2006`
Operational cooperation for the
eWan-Wan Dog Festaf at Mt. Rokko Country House

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  Ongoing Project
December 2003`
Advisers to Kobe Animals and Plants Environmental College

  Ongoing Project
May 2002`
Participation in P-WELL PETNESS CLUB
P-WELL Planning Co.

  Ongoing Project
July 2001`
JTB Ace Tour Project with Dogs
eLetfs Go with your Dogs' Consultation

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  28th February 2004
Product development advice for Kawai Onkyo (Sound) System Co.

  24th February 2004
Advisors for accompanying pets being allowed onto Kobe Rokko Maya Cable.

  October 2003
Advisors for accompanying pets being allowed to stay at the Fruit & Flower
Park Hotel within Kobe Municipal Fruit & Flower Park

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  June 2002
Advisors on pet support for collective housings pets.
Pliant Powers Co.

  October 2001
Consultation for Rental Apartments (Companion Animals Allowed)
Noguchikeikakukanri Corp.

  29th March, 2008
Free Open Seminar eRecommending a Kinder Co-existence of People and Animalsf@Title: eProtection Activities Overseasf
Organizer: Japan Pet Care Association, Kyoto Branch
Venue: Kyoto Engineering Vocational College (of Kyoto Chuo College YIC)

  26th February, 2008
Study Session on Animal Protection
eLearning from Hawaii Kauai Humane Society - Animal Protection From Now Onf

Organizer: Hyogo Veterinary Medical Association, Awaji Branch
Venue: Hyogo Animal Well-being Center, Awaji Branch

  20th January, 2008@
eGather! Dog Lovers! Wefll tell you How to Choose Your Dog.f
Organizer: Nada-ku Office, Kobe City@
Joint Organizer: Kobe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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  3rd November, 2007@
Long Life Care College GF Course Lecture fAnimal Therapyf
Organizer: Medical College of Long Life

  13th April, 5th November, 2006
Seminar: fDiversional Therapyf (About Animal Therapy)
Organizer: Japan Long Life Co.

  20th June, 2006
eLecture on Dietetics for Dogs and Catsf
Organizer, Venue: Wan-Kusu Creation

  13th July, 2005
eReport about eProject Poochf - Rehabilitation Methods Involving Dogsf
Venue: Public Welfare Center, Kadoma City (Osaka)
Organizers: Volunteer Probation Officers of Kadoma City

  7th December, 2004
Amagasaki City eKosei Hogo Josei no Kaif(Society for the Re-Establishing of Sheltered Women)@ Study Session: fYouth Rectification Program: Project Pooch - Wonderful Effectsf
Organizer: Amagasaki Society for the Re-Establishing of Sheltered Women
Venue: Amagasaki City Welfare Rectification Center

  14th December, 2003
Pet Seminar: eHow to Keep Pets in Housinge
Organizers: Eastcoat 3rd Housing Committee (Rokko Island)
Venue: Eastcoat 3rd Community Hall

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  15th June, 2003
Yomiuri Culture Center eDog Obedience Classf
Organizers: Yomiuri Culture Center

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  22nd June, 2002
eWild Life Management Basic Lecturef
Organizer and Venue: Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo

  23rdApril, 2001
TOYRO Seminar:eHow to Keep, and Trainingf
Organizer: Shizen-Sohken
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