In 2000, the Law for the Humane Treatment and Management Animals was amended to recognize animals as beings 'with life'. Subsequently, at animal control centers all across Japan, the tendency has shifted away from having animals put down in favor of adoption. In Kauai, Hawaii, an island with a population of just a few million, there is an animal shelter facility with a management commissioned by public authorities. Studying this management method can be very helpful to Japan. A wide range of services and activities are offered at the facility including the protection and adoption of animals, operations to neuter animals (castrations etc), as well as administration tasks commissioned by the authorities such as quarantine procedures, inspections and registrations for dogs, the promotion and enforcement of animal related laws and regulations, and animal cremation services on offer to owners. In Kobe City, the system is different, but an adoption program has been started by citizen organizations and this model will also be introduced at the symposium with citizen participation. Ultimately, and most important of all, the successful management of such shelters is essential to ensure that as many animals are rescued as possible. In the bigger picture, this is not just a system related to animal shelter management, but one that relates to a greater acceptance of cooperation of authorities working with citizen organizations in multiple other fields. An excellent opportunity is therefore on offer and we look forward to giving a greater and deeper consideration to the way we run our shelters, by way of case studies, including studies from Japan.

Sunday 10th September 2006


Portopia Hotel

Organizer: NPO Knots
Joint Organizer: Kobe City
Target: General Public, People involved in Veterinary Practice, Animal Welfare, Public Administration Work, etc.
Purpose: With the amendment of the Japanese Law Concerning the Protection and Control of Animals, more and more animals are now being adopted rather than put down. Citizen demand to adopt animals is also rising and the social environment facilitating this is becoming more organized. By introducing case studies about animal shelters managed jointly with official cooperation, our objective is to deepen our consideration on the direction of shelter management system in the future. Furthermore, we hope that by attracting more interest to such activities, we can promote the spirit of animal protection and thereby contribute to realizing a society in which man and animals can exist together.
Special Sponsor: Nestle Purina PetCare
Sponsor: Asahi Breweries, Ltd.,
Helping Organization: Tsutomu Nakauchi Foundation
Supporting Organizations : Ministry of Environment / Hyogo Prefecture /
Hyogo Prefecture Board of Education /
Kobe City Board of Education /
Japan Veterinary Medical Education /
Veterinary Association of Hyogo Prefecture /
Veterinary Association of Kobe City /
Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals /
Japanese Society of Humane Care of Animals /
Japan Animal Welfare Society /
Japan Pet Care Association /
Japanese Animal Hospital Association /
American Consulate General Osaka-Kobe Kansai American Center
Chairperson: Ms. Keiko YAMAZAKI (Companion Animal Study Group eGof)
Speaker: Introduction of Case Studies (each 45 mins)
Dr. Rebecca Rhoades
@Executive Director of Kauai Humane Society (USA)
@eKauai Humane Societyf

@ Consultant of Japan Animal Welfare Society Hanshin Branch
@eAdoption Program KURO at Kobe City
@ Animal and Pet Manegement Centerf

Mr. Teruhisa KAKINOKI
@Deputy Board Chairman of the NPO Ashiya Museum Management

@eManagement of Non Profit Organizationsf

Panel Discussion with Time for Question and Answers

@EDr. Rebecca Rhodes
@EMr. Teruhisa KAKINOKI